“I want to RECRUIT YOU” – Harvey Milk

In PacTies News on January 9, 2009 at 5:04 pm

Yes, Pacific Ties wants to recruit you.  To be part of a movement, to be involved in your community, to be part of our family.  Every quarter, we look for people who want to join our team of creative individuals who are passionate about API issues, art, writing, grammar, politics, health, religion, film, marketing, advertising, photography – telling stories.

So come see what we’re all about.  Our first meeting is Friday Jan. 9th at 4pm in Kerckhoff 118 (Student Media Conference room) and everyone is invited to come see us in action. And if you want to join, just go to


and click on Pacific Ties.  Fill out a quick online form and submit the paper application to Kerckhoff 118 by noon on Jan 13th.  Results will be posted in Kerckhoff 118 lobby Jan. 15th.  Questions? email our managing editor, Malina Tran at mtran1@media.ucla.edu.


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