Senate votes to reward Filipino veterans

In NEWSPRINT, Politics on February 12, 2009 at 7:48 am
(Reyes/Mercury News) ( Gary Reyes )

Photo courtesy of Mercury News: (Reyes/Mercury News) ( Gary Reyes )

Filipino veterans of World War II are finally getting the recognization they deserved. In 1941, after the soldiers were recruited from the Philippines (then a U.S.), they were promised U.S. citizenship and full military benefits for fighting the war. After fighting the war, though, the U.S. revoked their promised, and two bills were signed that denied them veteran benefits and citizenship.

In the early 90s, President H.W. Bush signed a bill allowing the Filipino veterans citizenship, but still no compensation. Now, in a time when America’s economy is collapsing, the veterans are receiving the money they deserve. The stimulus bill approved by the U.S. Senate Monday has authorized the allocation of $198 million to Filipino Veterans of WWII. About 18,000 Filipino vets who fought in the war under the American flag would now receive up to $15,000 for their service.


  1. Not a bad amount of money these days.

  2. Hurrah! Also, if you’re ever in Historic Pilipinotown, check out the VALOR memorial at Lake Street Primary School, which honors these Filipino veterans.

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