Every quarter, Pacific Ties holds a photo contest on Facebook, asking readers to submit their photos and stories. For the Winter Photo challenge, we asked for students to dig deep into their hearts to share their passions.  Busy lives and endless responsibilities may hinder us from fully living out our passions but it’s the story and effort that counts.  By asking students to share their storei we hope to inspire everyone around us to stand up for their dreams.


1st Place: Brian Le, third-year, biochemistry

Passion: Photography

“Photography is more than just taking pictures of beautiful people and places-it’s about telling a story, it’s about change. When I first started photography I wanted to make a difference, an impact. A single photo can bring about a world of change, for the good (as in raising the flag on Iwo Jima), or for the bad. Besides monetary reasons, most people think I should stop pursuing my ambition and passion because they think it is a waste of time, that I won’t make any difference in the world. To me, it doesn’t matter-as long as there is a story to be told it warrants an image, one that should speak to the hearts and minds of everyone.”


Kevin Ung, third-year, English

Eric Kim, third-year, sociology

Ephraim Hui, second-year, aerospace engineering

Koby Poulton, fourth-year, political science

See their photos and read their stories on our flickr photostream + see the other submissions!


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